Bev's Bookshop Angels have moved on.
The bookshop in North Chingford has a new proprietor - Jo

We wish her well and hope our loyal customers will continue
to support this important local business.

Bev can be contacted at

We've had a blast at The Bookshop North Chingford for an unbelievable 25 years!
Now the time is ripe for someone with new ideas and vitality to turn the shop upside down, shake her about, and turn out a vibrant new addition to continue at the heart of this community.

The poem below sums up beautifully the excitement of our time here, but - as ever - a few words from me.

Firstly - all you wonderful customers! I speak for all the 'Bookshop Angels' when I say what a wonderful time we've had serving the people of Chingford. You can see the Bookshop Angels by clicking 'Staff Gallery' below, but what you won't see is all the friends and family who have also worked so hard - for literally no, as opposed to very little remuneration! All these people, together with our landlord, suppliers etc have contributed to our success.

Thank you, from all the Bookshop Angels, from the bottom of all our hearts. It's been fabulous, it's been fun - It's been an absolute privilege.

A long time ago in a galaxy far
North side of Chingford, a welcoming star
Doors open wide; books old and new
We'll find what you want; given a clue
So your son is a genius? Well fancy that!
Too grown-up at 6 for 'Cat in the Hat'
Maps? Yes we can get them for Northern Estonia
As soon as they're in, we'll get on and phone ya
The book from the programme, you think BBC?
Screened on a Wednesday, in 2003?
We'll do our best and save you the pain
Then you can buy it from Smith's, or similar chain
Yes we're open at midnight for all Potter Fans
Dressed up as witches, get toots from white vans
Gangland heroes from present and past
Don't have it in stock but will order fast
Jigsaws for Nanny to see Christmas through
Missing one piece? We'll replace it for you
Tell us your troubles. We'll listen sincere.
Free counselling service all through the year
A tapestry rich of folks through the door
Without whom life is barren and poor
A book we should write as farewell we bid
Proud of our place; proud what we did
Hold high your heads, Angels 'me dears'
Smile and remember these wonderful years