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Check out this link for some great historical information on Walthamstow.




The Chingford Historical Society has been in existence for over 6o years. Their website has information on the history of our area. It also has links to other local history organisations, such as Walthamstow Historical Society, Highams Park Forum and The Friends of Epping Forest.

Also listed are all their publications, including;

Chingford Historical Society -
A fifty year story of the society
Chingford in History -
A popular general history of the town
Chingford As It Was -
A picture book of old Chingford
Chingford's Water Supply -
The reservoirs, pumping station etc
Chingford's Post Office -
Interesting picture of the mail in our town
The Forest in Walthamstow and Chingford
Not in Print
Some Chingford Field Names
Chingford Day -
Chingford's annual show in Ridgeway Park
Chingfliers -
A little known history of our aerodrome
Not in Print
Chingford Libraries -
Their history and development to 1965
Not in Print
Chingford Old Church -
A recent re-print of the book by A L Martin
Arise Sir Loin -
A legend of Epping Forest(Leaflet)
Lawrence of Arabia -
His connection with our town
Chingford in 1981 - New Second Edition
Chingford Hall - The first Manor House in Chingford
Chingford Hatch




Of course, we stock all these in the shop (except the out of print ones - but you did know we can search for out of print titles, didn't you?. We are now pretty much dealing with the Society's mail order side and any of the above only need another £1 to be posted direct to your door.

And let's not forget Chingford At War (£14.99, isbn 9780954926502) which Betty Brown worked so tirelessly to bring to reprint. Sadly, it is not currently available, but we are hopeful that it will be reprinted again, although we do not know how soon that might be. If you'd like us to keep you informed, do email us at


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