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This is the latest map of Epping Forest which is an excellent foldout with A-Z format of the streets in the local area - a must for everyone at £4.95.


The Bookshop stocks a wide range of books, maps and DVD's of local and surrounding areas.. Below are just a few of the most popular.

Spend £39.94 or over online and postage is FREE for UK customers.

This Publication is the updated edition of Kenneth Hoy's fabulous book.
At £8.95 this book is a good present for anyone interested in Epping Forest.

Chingford Past by Barbara Ray
Hardback was £15.95
This lovely book looks in depth into Chingford's history.

Highams Park & Hale End
by Mary Dunhill
Hardback £15.99
Highams Park lies on the Greenwich Meridian, about ten miles from St Paul's Cathedral, and three quarters of a mile from the North Circular Road. Finding it on a map, however, is not easy.

The East End Then and Now
by Winston G Ramsey
Hardback £39.95
Charting the colourful history of the East End, this book relives all the major incidents amid "then and now" photographs.



Local DVD's

TheWalthamstow Amateur CineVideo Club have been filming local events in Walthamstow since 1949. Pictorial 1 was their first collection of these events into a one-hour DVD. Others in the range are Pictorial 2, Hollywood E17 and Ensign of Britain. All cost £5
The Bookshop stocks all of the clubs DVD's . Visit them at
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