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Freddie and the Fairy
by Julia Donaldson & Karen George £5.99

We all love 'The Gruffalo'(arguably Julia Donaldson's most famous book) but my current favourite has to be 'Freddie and the Fairy'. Not many people know - but Julia Donaldson has a hearing impairment herself, and has used this book to highlight the difficulties this can bring, in her trademark funny-gentle way. Freddie is delighted when he meets a fairy who offers to grant his every wish. But Bessie-Belle doesen't hear so well, and Freddie is a bit of a mumbler, you can imagine how the wishes come out!



You Can Heal Your Life – by Louise L Hay £9.99

Review by Deb Macaulay
This book really touches you. It gets you thinking about your life. More importantly it gets you thinking about what you REALLY want for YOUR life and enables you see where you could do with making changes in order to live a life that you love... It has you thinking about the past, present and your future. It is about self acceptance, self love, responsibility, forgiveness, relationships, career, finances... You name it this book covers it, albeit in a simple yet very profound way. As the title suggests if you want to heal your life then this is the book to help you take the steps to do so. If you are wanting to make changes in your life yet don’t know how to this book will gently guide you. Whilst reading you will have lots of ‘aha’ moments, realisations of why it could be that you seem to struggle in certain areas of your life. This book helps you to become aware and acknowledge what is really going on what gets in your way, e.g. why you keep attracting the same kind of people or situations into your life. Read it; digest the contents and HEAL YOUR LIFE. – This book resonated with me so much that I went on to train to be a heal your life teacher and coach if you would like any more info or would really like to attend a workshop or some 1-1 coaching call me Deb Macaulay 07857 102361 I also run a FREE book club.

You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise L Hay




The Lightworkers' Circle Guide
by Wendy Stokes £10.99

Would you like to start a group for Lightworkers?
Then this is the handbook for you. If you are a believer in the Afterlife, you are not alone! When we make contact with Spirit, we find we become healed. We also become enlightened and our life is enhanced. This book gives trusted guidance to help you to form your Spiritual Group - from the initial planning stages of your lightworker's circle; including prepapations you need to make and exercises to help you in the initial stages when first meeting your primary guide. It's advice is very thorough, and provides solutions to every perceivable question you may have when forming your group including: how best to run your group in an effective, democratic way; how to select potential members and sound advice on confidentiality both inside and outside of your circle. This book is an excellent tool for new and experienced mediums. The advice is readable, concise and easy to access through a comprehensive contents section. It covers every perceivable question one may have when hoping to get a group of individuals to form a coherant and complete lightworker's circle.
About the author: Wendy Stokes has trained mediums in home groups for years, working closely with mentors from the spirit realms. A qualified teacher of adults, she has an excellent reputation in her field. All royalties committed to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to protect endangered species.

The Big Peace
by Suzy Greaves

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