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Come visit our shop.

We sell parking vouchers

80p for 30mins & £1.30 for an hour
but don't forget its FREE before 10am and after 4pm!


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Our Lovely Shop is "Chaos and Comos";
"Disorder and Order" (Bev likes the "order" bit best ).

'Community' - what does it mean to you? Getting around locally - possibly without your car - facilities to supply you with what you need, and knowing the faces you see around you; the people who serve you, local shops and facilities to keep your community healthy and alive!

IN 2013 we will have been here in North Chingford for 25 years and have had the greatest time, providing superb customer service, an unbeatable ordering service, and a terrific selection of books. Over the last year - in response to the huge changes in the way people shop - we have expanded what we offer; CD's DVD's and a wonderful selection of jigsaws and games. And we have exceptionally loyal customers - you know who you are!

But the time has now come for me to tell you that it would appear that this might not be enough to keep your local bookshop healthy. We always have offers - Buy One, Get One - FREE, 20% Off and our Valued Customer Card (which rewards customers with a money-off voucher), alongside our super-value half price titles. But we are unable to beat the price busters of the 'big boys' on many books - and which we still feel we should have here for you to have the best possible choice.

We all enjoy internet shopping - and love a bargain of course! But unless people remember their local shops, and come in to spend money with us, it will be time to say goodbye, and this is why I am writing to you now.
As we always say "We are the Little Bookshop with the Big Heart - and we look forward to seeing you soon!"

Beverley and all the Bookshop Angels







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