The Little Bookshop
with the Big Heart


The Staff

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  They like to pretend they're normal but the pictures say otherwise.  

All staff receive extensive "interpersonal-skill" training...


Inside the shop, a musty smell of unsold books pervades in an atmosphere of hostility to customers.
To avoid offence, it's best not to accost shop staff while they're going about the business of being downright unpleasant, grumbling about minimum wages and watching the clock.

Don't be fooled by the cheesy website smiles...

The Bargain Bookshop staff were pressed from local homes. One day, with your help, we may be able to re-integrate them into society.
Should you wish to find out about each sorry case, click on the pics in our staff gallery.

Health and Safety is always on the top
shelf of our employer's agenda


In a futile attempt to appear friendly, Bev stands outside smiling at people as they walk hurriedly past.

She has been known to give away free tins of cat food to anyone brave enough to enter the shop.




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